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10/24 TLA Monthly Meeting

TLA October 24th Meeting Announcement

Technology Leaders Association (TLA) was established to help senior level IT executives develop and manage their careers. As part of this effort, we hold monthly meetings to network, share ideas, and learn from featured guest speakers in the career management field.

This month, Jim McGee Managing Director of New Shoreham Consulting will present “Technology for Us.”

There’s a raft of new products and services being built on top of the Internet environment that forms the backdrop of today’s world of work. Technologically simple, these products and services are nonetheless confusing and frequently intimidating to many potential users who struggle to recognize how they can help solve real problems. The path to understanding these services and their promise is to see that they are best understood as “technologies for us.” For the first 40 years of computing, we imposed technology on them; people were treated as no more than another component in a larger factory system for transforming raw data into processed information.

“Technology for us” addresses the more fluid and organic needs of us as knowledge workers–analysts, designers, planners, managers, and executives. The individuals who identify and structure the problems and opportunities for enterprises to tackle; the individuals with the autonomy and authority to determine their own agendas and craft unique solutions to unanticipated problems. “Technology for us” also emphasizes the reality that knowledge workers must coordinate and collaborate with other knowledge workers to successfully address their agendas.

In this session, we will examine the range of products and services that are emerging in the consumer market and migrating into the enterprise market. We will explore the nature of knowledge work and how these services can make us as knowledge workers more effective individually and collectively. Finally, we will examine strategies for how we can effectively learn to understand and adopt these services in the context of continuing to meet the demands placed on us day-to-day; crafting a manageable approach to learning while performing.

Date: Friday, October 24th
Where: IBM’s Oak Brook Terrace office (2 Lincoln Centre) – see directions below
Cost: No charge

Special thanks to TLA member and IBM employee George Shanine for hosting us this month.

As a special facilities note, all TLA members must be escorted throughout the IBM facility. Please do not leave the conference room without an escort.

For reservations, (1) Please sign up online on the TLA website ( under ‘Events’ – or, if you don’t have access to the website, (2) Please reply to with your name and telephone number.

Reservations must be made before 5pm on Thursday, September 25th with the first 80 reservations accepted. No walk-ins please.

For location information: Contact Jim Anfield at

From the West - Take I-88 East and exit at Highland Avenue. Stay in the center lane until after the toll booth and turn left. Keep to the right crossing over the highway and turn right on Butterfield Road. Proceed east approximately 1 1/2 miles to Meyers Road. The Oakbrook Terrace office is approximately 1/2 mile ahead on the left in the Com Ed building. Turn left on Trans Am Plaza Drive and take a quick right into the parking garage attached to 2 Lincoln Centre.

From the North or South - Take North/South Tollway (I-355) to Butterfield Road East exit. Proceed east on Butterfield Road approximately 2 miles to Meyers Road. The Oak Brook Terrace office is approximately 1/2 mile ahead on the left in the Com Ed building. Turn left on Trans Am Plaza Drive and take a quick right into the parking garage attached to 2 Lincoln Centre.

From the East - Take I-294 (Tri-State Tollway) to the East/West Tollway (I-88). Take I-88 West (Route 83 North/Cermak Road) exit. Turn left (west) at the end of the exit ramp, on 22nd Street (Cermak Road). Proceed on 22nd Street approximately 3 miles to the stop light at 22nd and Butterfield. The Oakbrook Terrace office is approximately 1/4 mile ahead on the right in the Com Ed building (you'll see Com Ed at top of bldg). Turn right on Trans Am Plaza Drive and another quick right into the parking garage attached to 2 Lincoln Centre.

IBM’s Oak Brook office has an attached parking garage that all guests can park in. When you arrive at the building, let the security guard know you are attending the meeting in conference room 1D & 1E. All guests will have to sign in at the desk.

7:00am – 7:15am Check-in and coffee
7:15am – 8:30am Structured networking – two table rounds
8:30am – 8:40am Announcements
8:40am – 9:30am Jim McGee
9:30am Adjourn

Structured Networking
Structured networking is a technique used at most major executive transition groups. It is meant to be a powerful method of generating ideas that might help each of our searches. During this process, we will quickly brainstorm potential job lead ideas, gain networking contacts at desired companies, and generate advice from the members by sharing our backgrounds as well as our career objectives. It is designed to generate ideas, but given the time constraints, not get into immediate detailed discussions. You should plan on following up with anybody who may have had an interesting idea or a good contact.
Please bring business cards, handbills (career overview) or resumes (plain paper is fine) to pass around if you have them. Figure on about 20 copies of the resumes/handbills and 50 business cards.
We will run our networking, dividing the room into small tables of a maximum of 8 people and doing 2 table rotations before our speaker begins. At each rotation, you will have 90 seconds for your pitch and about 90 seconds for Q&A. Spend no more than 1/3 summarizing your past (this is not the time to rehash your resume), then spend about 1/3 on what you are looking for and 1/3 on what we can do to help (such as target contacts) or ask for advice on an issue.

Speaker Bio
Jim McGee is Managing Director of New Shoreham Consulting. He works with organizations to improve the value they realize from technology after they flip the switch; working to ensure that investments in new technologies lead to the necessary changes and adaptations in organizational practices. He was a founding partner and CKO/CLO for Diamond Consultants and Clinical Professor of Technology Innovation at the Kellogg School. Jim is co-author of "Managing Information Strategically" and has both an MBA and a Ph.D. in technology and organizational design from the Harvard Business School.

Date of Event: 
10/24/2008 - 7:00am - 9:30am